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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easy and quick DIY Recipe Board

I have looked thru tons of pins on Pinterest for DIY Recipe boards for my kitchen. A recipe board is a convenient thing to have in your kitchen to preplan your meals. While I love DIY crafts I was looking for something a little less involved then some of the ones I found online. I really did not want to have to make the board itself. So I headed off to Walmart and found this cork/dry erase combo board for $12.00! I also picked up some clip magnets and a magnetic holder.

So here's a short, "how to post" on how to make your own with out a lot of fuss!

So from there, it wasn't too much to putting it together. I used card stock and cut out squares and labeled them with our family's favorite dishes. This board is fast and easy to make. It looks nice hanging in my kitchen and now we always have a weekly dinner plan and the cork board side can be used to keep reminders and other things you need to remember in plain view.

(Our pet turtle, George, says "Hello!")


  1. How did you color code your meals?

  2. Hi Nicole! I did not color code according to kind of meals. But that would be easy to do.... Pasta = Yellow Beef = Red Salad = Green Soup = Orange Pork = Purple .... and so on. Thats a good idea on the color coding Nicole !!!