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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Updating Generic Column on Our Covered Patio

Our original column on our covered patio was boring and had seen it's better days. So we decided to replace it with a cedar 6x6. We found a local guy who runs a saw mill at his house and had him cut us a true 6x6 cedar post. The result was amazing and really looks nice. We went with cedar due to the upcoming Pergola and deck project we are fixing to get started. We also built our exposed post Privacy Fence out of White Cedar and are very pleased with the results. (See earlier blog on how we put up our 100% DIY Exposed Post Fence) ........

Here are our Before and After photos of replacing the old post.

Here is the Cedar 6x6 we used. We did use a clear stain on it to bring out the white and red color.

Old Post 

Bottom of old post. 

My husband, Randy, measured the height for the new post.

He then cut the new cedar post to the correct length. (Note the difference the clear stain made on the cedar post. Clear stain really brings out the beauty in Cedar and I highly recommend you staining it clear.)

He then added this bracket from Home Depot to keep the wood from sitting on the concrete.

He then put the new the new post up side by side with the old post and unscrewed the old post from the eave of the house and slid in new post.

Then just screw in the new post.

And here is the before and after pics!

So then we took and cut a 2x8 to dress it up some.  Here is the 2x8 next to the 6x6 post.

Here is the finished result. 

The cedar wood we used was all rough cut from a local Saw Mill here in Tennessee. You can use and wood you prefer but cedar wood is beautiful when stained. If you have any questions please feel free to ask away! 


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