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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Updating Our Home Office

So our home office was in need of an update. Our large executive desk just took up too much room in our office. Nothing was easily accessible.  

And while it is still a work in progress I wanted to show you what we have done so far. We still have the flooring to do and the office closet, but I will post about those two later on after they are complete. 

Here are some before pics......

While it is not a completed project yet, still have to change the curtains, add wall decor, and flooring. Here is where I am at with it so far. ....

Luckily, my iMac only has one cord, the power cord. In the near cuter I will be adding a hook to the underside of the desk to run the power cord for the iMac under neath so the cord will not be just hanging there. 

Heres the book shelves I added for storage. While replacing my large L shape desk for a smaller one was exactly what I wanted to do, I had to come up with some storage solutions. 

I found that adorable Lamp at Lowes!

The desk I found at a yard sale for a steal! It is an older wood desk with a leather inlay. I had searched for desks everywhere! I wanted something smaller with some character. It's amazing sometimes the jewels you can find at yard sales! 

I picked up two book shelves at Target. This did not cost us much. I could have went to a furniture store and paid a lot more for the book shelves but I kept this redo on a strict budget. The two book shelves were under $100 for both of them. 

I bought some organization items at Target to put on the three shelf book case for papers, office supplies and ect. 

Here is the flooring we will be putting in the office soon......

We plan on doing the floor our selves, which will be a first for us! We plan on using the office as a "test room" for the future. We plan on putting wood in the entire house, except for the bedrooms. I will post an update as soon as we get the floor in. I also plan on doing a post on the office closet. So please look for both of them in the near future!!


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