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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Putting up a Tile Kitchen Back Splash!

When you bought our house the back splash was a Fake Tin Back Splash. Honestly, I never was a fan of it. It stayed up for a few years before we decided to tackle it. After numerous trips to Lowes and Home Depot (We bought and returned countless squares of them, we finally found one that looked great with our wall color.

We had never done any tile work ourselves so I personally was a little nervous but I will say it was pretty simple for us layman's to do this in one weekend. We spent apprx. $200.00 on everything.

From Builder's Gray to COLOR!!!!!

After years of renting and apartment living we had become very used to "Builder's grey" and Beige. So of course during our home search, the home we loved was painted with the all too familiar grey we had been starring at for years now. So that had to change. And Fast!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How We Put Up Our DIY Exposed Post Privacy Fence

From the day we bought this house we knew we wanted to put up a privacy fence in our back yard. We are on a corner lot and wanted some privacy. We also wanted to be able to let our dog, Dia, have a safe place to play!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to make DIY Custom Shutters on a Budget

My husband and I wanted to "Spruce up" the outside of our home and give it some curb appeal. We never really liked the plastic shutters that you see on most all builder's grade houses now days. So we did our research on Board and Batton Shutters. And what we found was that these shutters were pretty pricey! So we decided to give it a go ourselves and make them!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

How We Got All this Started

Hello everyone! My name is Selena. I started this Blog to show you how we have upgraded our "Builders Grade" home. I will also be sharing organization and storage ideas as well as some of my favorite recipes.

We bought our first home after years of renting. Even though our home was only eight months old when we purchased it, after all those years of looking at grey boring walls we knew we wanted to do some upgrading the minute we moved in. We have now been in our home for a little over three years and have done a lot to the outside and the inside on a very limited budget. I will be giving you easy Do It Yourself ideas and tips on how to get some "Custom" looks for a modest price.