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Thursday, February 7, 2013

How We Got All this Started

Hello everyone! My name is Selena. I started this Blog to show you how we have upgraded our "Builders Grade" home. I will also be sharing organization and storage ideas as well as some of my favorite recipes.

We bought our first home after years of renting. Even though our home was only eight months old when we purchased it, after all those years of looking at grey boring walls we knew we wanted to do some upgrading the minute we moved in. We have now been in our home for a little over three years and have done a lot to the outside and the inside on a very limited budget. I will be giving you easy Do It Yourself ideas and tips on how to get some "Custom" looks for a modest price.

Here is what our house looked like the day we moved in.

As you can see the house was kinda "Bleh." And the Lawn, well it was something that we knew needed major help!
The backyard lawn was just as bad as the front lawn.

Here's the lawn after some much needed TLC! You can also see we upgraded our roof to the 30 Year Roof, Thanks to a big Hail storm we had in October of 2011. We did pay an additional $500.00 to upgrade the roof which was money well spent! It now has a "3-D" look to it. We also changed the color of the roof from grey to brown to enhance the shutters we made. (I'll have more on our DIY Shutters Later)

Here is a current picture of our front yard. All it takes is some good Seed, fertilizer, and care. We have found great success with Scotts Products. Their seed has very few weed seeds. Their website has has a lot of information to help you with your lawn. If you follow a good schedule of fertilizing, overseeding, and aerating you lawn, you will have nice results with in a few seasons. 
Here is an after pic of our Side Yard.
I will be posting on our DIY projects we have done. A few of those will be, lawn care, painting, kitchen back splash, bathroom upgrades, lighting and fixture upgrades, and lots of storage and organization tips and ideas. Any comments are welcome!
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Thanks, Selena 

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