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Friday, January 8, 2016

Settling in our new home...Room Remodel, gated entry, chicken Coop!.....

Hello Everyone!

I first want to apologize for such a delay in posts. We have had a very busy past 8 months. We have packed up and moved towns, into our dream home about 30 minutes from our previous home that is posted in this blog. We could not be any happier with our decision! We moved to a very small town of around 600 people. This is a big change from the 120,000+ population we moved from!

We bought a 2980 sqft Craftsman on almost 4 acres. The house has tons of charm and character. I will post a few pictures at the end of this post for a seek peek! We have already done some painting, a total floor to ceiling remodel of the guest room. A bathroom update. Added a gated entry to the property, plus some other things. We are currently building a chicken coop and I will have a complete and separate post on it soon! Backyard Flocks are becoming very popular and since we now live in the country we too decided to add chickens to our little family.

Future DIY Projects and posts to look forward to .....

  • Butlers Pantry
  • Horse Facilities. Fencing and barn
  • Equipment shed
  • Another, larger scale, backsplash
  • Chicken Coop and Run
  • Outdoor BBQ Area
  • Deck and Pergola 
  • Gated Entry with Cedar Fencing
  • Room Organizations
  • Closet remodel
  • Plus much, much, more!!

I look forward to sharing all the DIY projects with you guys in the future! I will post a few pictures of our new place for a little sneak peek! 

Thanks for reading,


Our New Home

A few inside pictures...

And a few of our "Outside Friends" We have tons of wildlife here.. Deer, Turkeys, and Foxes to name a few.

I will post many more pictures in the future! Lots to show y'all!! 

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