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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Homemade Laundry Soap

Laundry soap is so expensive! Here is my recipe to make your own. It is very cheap to make and lasts a long time. (Depending on how big your family is and how many loads of laundry you do a week) It smells great and cleans so very well! Use 2-4 tablespoons per load. This does not suds up so I am told it is safe in HE washers. I however do not have the front loader washers but have been told by people that do that it works great. They just add it to the drum with the clothes. 


Here is the recipe ......

4 lb Box of Borax (Laundry Isle)

3 lb Box of Washing Soda (Laundry Isle)

4 lb Box of Baking Soda (Baking Isle)

3 lb Tub of Oxi Clean (Laundry Isle)

1 Bottle of Purex Crystals (Laundry Isle)

2 bars Grated Felts Nappa (Not Pictured, Laundry Isle) 
(I grated mine with my cheese grater on finest side)


Mix all ingredients together and put in a container. (I found my glass container at Wal-Mart) Thats it! Easy Peasy! This is not all it made. I keep my extra in Gallon Freezer bags and add as I need.